Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Spiral

I hate Sunday’s!  Even if I have had a wonderful day. 

It’s usually around dinner time (6pm ish) that the loathing starts.  I call it the “Sunday Spiral”. 

It doesn’t matter if I’ve had a brilliant weekend with my boys or an absolutely rubbish one, come that time on a Sunday my mood spirals.  I can only assume it’s because it’s “back to normality” tomorrow; school runs, Husband at work, Child at School, early mornings, appointments, etc.

I usually end up feeling really down but, sometimes, it makes me bad tempered too.  This week though, it seems like the boys are affected as well. 

Brandon is just in an odd mood today; he’s literally flitting from absolutely lovely to complete and utter little sod in a heartbeat and Matt has been moody/down all day – I’m sure that Brandon’s behaviour hasn’t helped.

I’m just finding this Sunday Spiral a bit harder than usual.  There just seems to be an air of despondency in the house and it’s just miserable.  Even now Brandon is having his shower and giggling like a loon when the faucet hits certain parts of his ticklish body, Matt’s mood just doesn’t seem to want to improve. 

I keep trying to lighten the atmosphere, but it doesn’t work so I think I’ll just stick Catchphrase on in 10 minutes and try not to think about Monday…

Brandon is off to Breakfast Club (or Marmite Club as he calls it) in the morning because I have to get ready and head to the Doctors.  I have an appointment to discuss scan results from a scan that I had done back at the end of February and, despite an urgent blood test last week, which revealed nothing, I still have considerable pain in my right shoulder/down my right arm – it’s been at least 10 days now. 

I did go to the Doctor about it last week and was put on different medication for my Fibromyalgia but not even that’s taking the pain away; I don’t even think it’s taking the edge off.  The only way I can temporarily forget about the pain is to find a comfortable position for my arm, engross myself in something and then not move for as long as possible.  Bit of a double edged sword because by not moving I’m making it stiffer which then makes it hurt again, and you see the problem.  Guess I’ll see what they think the best course of action is tomorrow. 

Well, Brandon’s off up to bed now so I’m gonna sit and enjoy the peace for a little while and, hopefully, my mood won’t deteriorate too much more.  I’m sure things will look better in the morning, even if it is Monday. 

Enjoy your evening. 
Gem x